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The potential of Ratanakiri province, the land of indigenous peoples, is abundant

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Rattanak Kiri Province: Located in the Nansan village of Cambodia, 588 km. Km from Phnom Penh Capital. Battambang Province consists of 8 districts, O Chrum, Vansai, Phra, Bram, Takeo, Keo Keo, Andong Meas, and O’Yadaw. The province has a population of 150,466. 10,782 square meters. Rattanak Kiri Province is a rich area of ​​natural treasures. Indigenous Tampuans, Jaras, Kados, Coins, Coins, and Crown. Worship, and faith in their families.

he town of Ratanakiri is the city of Banlung, located in the highlands surrounded by valleys, waterfalls and natural lakes. From the volcanic eruptions for more than a century. The population of the city totaled 19,412 people, including indigenous people living around it The town of Banlung. In the provincial town, about 90% of old buildings in Banlung town have been completely built after The collapse of the Pol Pot regime. In the center, there is a market named “Market Lung”, the province’s largest commercial and economic center. All local products, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, beverages used by locals, including forest products Some others are also there. In Lung Luang, all agricultural products are natural crops without chemical fertilizer use. No, except some products imported from Phnom Penh.


Since early morning, the market has started its busy activity between customers and sellers. Many of these indigenous people carry their products for sale to the general public. It is a great memorial for tourists who visit the sunrise on the top of Svay Rieng Come and visit to learn about selling activities at Banlung Market. Every morning, there was a lot of activity between farmers and traders. Some of the products sold there are unique and are not available in other markets. Natural products in Banlung Market are cheaper than other markets in the country. In Banlung, there are 6 hotels, totaling 227 rooms and 21 guesthouses, 378 rooms for tourists. Stay. There are 14 restaurants that can cater to the needs of international and local guests Too. According to the provincial Department of Tourism, there are a number of natural resorts in Ratanakiri Up to 11 places, including Virachey National Park and Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary. And each resort has different scenes and stories of legends such as Yeak Laom Lake.

1- The Yeak Laom Lake Natural Resort:

Yeak Laom Lake is one of the most interesting natural islands in the highlands of Ratanakiri province. The lake is about 800 meters long and 48 meters to 50 meters by volcanic eruptions for several centuries. Come on. Nowadays quiet in the middle of the chest as a safe place for wildlife and tourists. Tourists looking for a quieter or more popular tourist destination. This lake is a magnet for shock absorber, tourists are more interested in tourists. While international and national tourists travel to Ratanakiri province. The lake water, which is always cool, reflects the blue forest surrounded by the lakes. Followed by the bird’s voice. Yeak Laom Lake has become a tourist destination for diving, swimming, relaxation and relaxation. When walking or biking, enjoy the spectacular view surrounded by the lakes that can sometimes be seen. Birds or other animals. Indigenous people believe that the water of the lake is the soul that they all worship and do Praying for the privilege, protecting them and the land of their own people Always. Some people have offered international and local tourists, souvenirs, merchandise products, Many of the products are made by local indigenous people. Yeak Laom Lake is a magnificent natural lake located in Yeak Lom Township, about 5 km from Banlung town. East of Banlung town. There are some legends related to the Yeak Laom lake and the legend is roughly paraded by the people. The basis is as follows:

In the past, a giant king had a powerful power, so the giant had a beautiful daughter. Her daughter’s hair and body were always perfumed with perfume. So the giants called her daughter Her hair is fragrant as she grows up when there are handsome and strong men Man to love her. Their love for love has grown to each other. Because both lovers were afraid the giants were to know their secrets, one day they were both And I went to hide myself in the wilderness. Not long after, the Giant heard the daughter’s story, then he burst into tears. Then he called together all the army leaders to search for the beloved daughter in the kingdom. Round. In the jungle mountains were overshadowed by a huge army but did not find her That’s not it. ”

The giant suspects that his daughter may have been in the jungle where the Yeak Lo lake is today. Deployed a lot of troops to siege and explore in the jungle. Suddenly, he ordered all the troops to pull down the tree and dig deep into the depths to find out. Find her beloved daughter. And all the men of the army digged in the thickets, and all their cords were broken down, so that they became a pool of water Large is still not found and has left a large pond in Ratanakiri province today. These are the reasons why Ratanakiri villagers called Yeak Loam to the present day, from the word “Giant” Surrounded “.
But telling stories in other ways from the previous narrative that the giants tried to grab the giant king’s daughter to Break her from love. Then the chief of the army commanded the troops to encamp around the mountain, where both lovers hid. The couple thought that there was no way to escape, and they both decided to seek God’s approval. Confirm their sincere love. The couple started to pray to the forest monks, Monks, and other dignitaries that we both Sacrifice life to the noble things that keep the land, let him help you to sink into the earth to Do not be separated from each other. Suddenly, the mountain slopes down to the ground quickly, bringing the couple to the same Desire. So the people called that pool of Joab, “From the words of the men of war.” There is another explanation of the Laotian name from the above story and should be taken as a fairy tale That the word “giants” in indigenous languages ​​there means chief village chief or village owner. The word Laom means the name of the person who is the village chief in charge of the area. For this reason, the word “Yeak Loom” is a reminder to obey the soul or spirit of its predecessor. They are named “Laom”, which once ruled the indigenous tribes in the area around the lake Live in happiness and peace. Has recently become the so-called Yeak Laom Lake and has become a tourist-rich resort. National and International Tourists visit the national festivities or on multiday weekend excursions. Increase year-on-year.

2- Chaong Waterfall Resort:
The Paracel is located on the side of the plateau of the Svay mountain range in Chak Ang Kok commune, Choeung commune, Och Chhoun district. About 9 kilometers northwest of Banlung town. The waterfall is about 25 meters below the water level, and around it is a small tree and a green stream around it. Mistery with hot water. The spectacular scenery is as beautiful as the water velvet drawings created by the colorful air. Like the fog of dew, a source that supplies the growth of all kinds of plants here. At times, because of the radiation of the sun, the sun shines through the water and the steam, creating the same Rainbow up. Currently, the community has recently built a large staircase to facilitate the movement of tourists. Down to the bottom of the ravine, the water flowed down to the dormitory. At the upper perimeter of the peninsula, there are also people selling food, beverages and souvenirs. For tourists. Behind the waterfall there is a huge cave that allows all walkers to enter and see the view The waterfall and the scenery in the gorge are quite different.

3- Khao Cam Waterfall Resort:
The torrent valley is located in Village 2, Kangang Town, Banlung District, about 6 kilometers from Banlung town. It is a beautiful natural resort, always attracting every visitor to visit There. The waterfall is in the middle of the jungle, connected by streams and vineyards along the road to get there. To enjoy the tidy beauty of the falls, the feeling is that every tourist has to go down. 72 stairs to the bottom of the stairs or to play through the rocking bridge that stretches in front … (still exists)

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