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Neang Kang’s story

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In Pongror commune, Rolea Phaear district, Kampong Chhnang province, one of the highest mountains is seen from a distant location like a sleeping person. On the hillside, there are many large shrubs, like the other surrounding mountains, but differently on the hill, there is a lot of mosquitoes, and people around the mountain do not eat it because they hear it old. It is said that the mountain was formed by Kangri Thida, the goddess of Buddhism, and it is assumed that the mum is her nipple. Also, at the foot of the mountain, there is a large stone carved stone, since ancient times do not know who to build. You just climb up there, just take a sandstone brick and you will not get up and be fine. (This is the belief of ancient inhabitants.)

The story of Kangri has a summary of the following:

In the past, a millionaire in a kingdom was an infant and brought his wife to a nursery in the early morning. After praying, the wife of 12 children is female. When he was a child, the rich man became poor and did not have enough food to eat.

After the 12-year-old father was in the jungle, he came to the empire of the monarch, Sannana. The grandmother had a daughter named Kangri. The Princess observed the 12 girls as women, bringing them to their temples to serve her baby Kang.

When the 12 girls realized that the kingdom was a giant kingdom, she was a virgin and ran away. She was looking for the 12 girls who had been a royal wife in the kingdom of people, also positioned as a bride to be the king’s wife, and she sadly pretended to be serious, inciting the hospital to give King King a kick Her 12 eyes are used to treat her and take 12 pregnant women into a pit with starvation and to remove her eyes. 12 and put it in the cave, and gave it to her husband Nimrod.

The 12 girls, 11 brothers were scratched on both sides, but the girl was scolded only one by the side, she pounced a fish fish. The 12 pregnant women have a bodhisattva to look at. At that time, the brothers were born with a baby, and they broke the baby. She gives birth to “Puthisena” and keeps her from knowing.

In the back of Puthisan Thom, the daughter of the daughter of 12, also used her horse to send her letter to her by saying, “If the Buddha is coming in to the night before midday, . But as many of Puthisarn when riding horses to the middle of the forest, Mahaphacija saw Puthisarn lying asleep, saw the letter stuck in the horse, broke up the letter and wrote again, “If Buddhism comes to the night to get married by night Get married the day with her as a child “. When Putin came to the kingdom, she saw the letter and immediately married Puthisan. Preah Puthisan reigned in the kingdom soon after, by her husband, informed of his mother’s tears and medicines for eye-to-eye, and drugs for throwing the sea into the mountains, he had to leave her at night, at midnight. Come to the kingdom. In the morning, the Buddha taught the medicine to be a waterfront. She was crying in the middle of the forest, and when he returned safely to the kingdom, he put all his mother’s eye on mother and mother, and he killed her, and reigned in his stead until his death. Death.

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