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Eating long apples will be like this

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Here, shows you the benefits of apple consumption over a long period of time. What’s up?

1.In apples there are substances that can help protect the stomach and bowel.
2. When you eat a lot, it will lower your blood pressure.
3- If you want to look good, you can eat apples. It will keep you clean.
4. For people with anemia, apple can help. It will help restore your blood pressure after you have eaten.

5. Apple will help protect your heart. In addition, it will help keep your arteries hard.
6. After you eat apples, it will help make your skin brighter, making you less susceptible to it. Old.
7. Apple will help prevent osteoporosis because it helps absorb calcium.
8. For those who eat more calories in the body, the calories are low

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