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Benefits of fruits

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Fruits and vegetables are very important for health because they contain many substances to treat and prevent diseases. So, you know the benefits of those fruits for health:

1.Helps to heal wounds
2.It transforms the protein into energy
3.Good nutrition for the eyes
4.Vitamin E helps boost your immune system
5.Helps good dental health and gums are healthy
6.Vitamin B6 promotes brain function

1.Contains fiber, protein supplements
2.Prevent cancer
3.Helps prevent the incidence of heart disease
4.Help the eyes to see clearly
5.Improve memory

1.Cancer prevention
2.Reduce fat
3.Helps strengthen your eyes
4.Strengthen the immune system

1.Helps to good health
2.Helps boost the immune system
3.Protect from various infectious diseases
4.Facilitates the digestive system
5.Prevent cancer
6.Make your bones strong
7.Prevent older ones
8.Prevent anemia

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