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The story of Phnom Proek Mountain and Phnom grey Moumtain

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If we travel from Phnom Penh to Kompong Cham province on National Highway 7 to 116 km, we will leave the eye on the northeastern border, one kilometer from the national road and we will see two mountains at At the same time, one east to the west, the low mountain is Phnom Srey, the lower mountain called Phnom Pros.

The legend of this mountain is as follows:

In the past, there was one female king, Ayutthaya reigning in the Khmer kingdom. Since she was king, no man would dare to sue for a wife. Therefore, she seeks to find a husband who is desirable to become a husband, and because of her concubine, Anuwi, as a husband, as a husband, so the women who are under the advice of men, as well as men’s husbands. .

During this time, it would be a shame for some women who had a bad image to go to men’s men, who were arguing not to choose women but to be good wives. This is the way for one of these kings. When they came to the throne later, the women said, “Now we are not suitable, we are female, and we play men as husbands, so we will make a mountain to make a mountain bet with men. Men make up a hill and we make a mountain. If the boys lose, we have to let the guys get our fiancĂ© back. “In that sense, they would like to ask men to make a mountain, to make a bet each other, and to be able to marry women. Many of the men have a male lineage, and there are also male and female mates, and each and every one of them has said, “We all have to transport the land.” Until the morning dawn, stop all, if the morning star does not stop, do not stop. “Think so, and then transfer the tiles according to their respective strengths.

At night, the wise women had to move the land for several hours, and they held a high lintel on the northeast corner. Men look up at the lanterns of a female bar and a bamboo tree, thinking that the morning star will stop and stop all the work and go away. The girls also transported the land until the morning of the morning, and then stopped. To the cockroach, men woke up and saw the morning star rising and saying, “We are all wrong. The morning star is just right and raining. ” And look at the mountain of Srey, which is higher than its hill, and there is the stupidity of losing women. Since then, the men have fought for women as a wife until today.

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